Eco-structures is a small-footprint modular living system with all the green bells and whistles that can make it a smart home while potentially being completely off the grid. The branding reflects its solar, wind and water circulation components, while also giving a nod to the former hippy-owner's political search for peace. This large infographic touts 27 green features of the model house.

Since the model home incorporated recycled and repurposed materials, it was a fun challenge to make the wayfinding signage do the same. Each sign keeps two oil drum lids and a tire out of the landfill. It won a platinum award in the Creativity 39 show.

WVU Childrens' Hospital Annual Report

In designing the Annual Report for the hospital, I found that it was important for parents to be able to find an extra caring tone because of how scary it is to have a sick child. We serve a large rural population that may also be suspect of hospitals in general. I emphasized the desire to have kids return as quickly as possible to their important life of play by inserting lots of real photos—no posed studio shots. I also incorporated the insight/imagination common thread between doctors and their small patients by making "faces" from medical apparatus and stuff from a child's world. I broke the grid to show that the medical staff can color outside the lines to give the best care. Finally, I took photographs of doctors outside their office to show them as real people.

Welcome to the Party

This powerful 30-minute video designed by faculty from WVU and Ithaca Theatre faculty under Reel insight, LLC, was accompanied by a curriculum to educate college freshmen about Date Rape. I developed the packaging for the DVD and the visuals for the curriculum, mindful of how easy it is to miss the target of this saavy audience, and also of how carefully this must be addressed for potential victims who might be in the audience. I picked up image captures from the film and combined them with thoughts running through the minds of various roles from the movie, using peer jargon and appealing to values of the demographic watching.